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MDT-NLP-F022 English Medical Customer Service Text Corpus

MDT-NLP-F022 English Medical Customer Service Text Corpus




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A:Hello, I am [Operator_Name] and my English name is [Operator_Name] , How can I help you?
B:I want to see a doctor and I feels bad now.
A:What are yours symptoms?
B:I have fever for 1 day and I feels tired.
A:What is the highest temperature you had this time?
B:It is about 38.3.
A:What other symptoms do you have?
B:My joints are aching but it gets better than yesterday.
A:I suggest you to see an Internal Medicine doctor.
B:Okay. My name is [Customer_Name] . I will be there 4pm today. Is this time available?
A:Yes, of course. I have arranged this appointment for you.
A:You are welcome. See you.

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