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Qingqing ZHANG: Conversation Data Promotes AIGC—Training Data of Large-Scale Models

"Training data is technology " .

That’s what OpenAI co-founder Ilya Sutskever said when taking interview with The Verge. ChatGPT amaze the world since its release. The stunning performance of GPT-4 makes us believe we have enter a new era in AI.

What makes large model so omniscient? In our opinion, the reason may lie in the data...

This article is a collection of Dr. Qingqing Zhang’s thoughts on data, large models and generative AI.

Baseline & Training Datasets Are Open Now | ISCSLP 2022 Conversational Short-phrase Speaker Diarization Challenge (CSSD)

As of its launch on July 4, 2022, ISCSLP 2022 Conversational Short-phrase Speaker Diarization Challenge has received more than 40 registration. On July 24, the committee releases the baseline and training datasets for all participants.

Integrating ASR with Text Summarizer, Secure Your Leading Position in Web Conferencing Market with Magic Data Multi-Person Spontaneous Meetings Dataset

Online meetings have become a frequently used tool for business and learning. How to meet the more diversifying online conferencing needs of users has brought great challenges to remote work applications, including captioning, real-time machine translation, smart meeting minutes and other artificial intelligence applications.

Open Dataset | Automobile Cabin Voice Interaction Data Solution

In recent years, with the development of artificial intelligence, chip technology, and new innovations in the automotive industry have been driven by the increase in smart car popularity. A smart car consists of three parts: The Internet of Vehicles, the smart cockpit, and the autonomous driving. The smart cockpit is equipped with intelligent and networked in-vehicle software, which can intelligently interact with people, roads, and vehicles. It is an important link and key node for the evolution of the human-vehicle relationship from a tool to a partner.

The Future of Virtual Companionship

Nowadays, more and more young people are buying chat services on e-commerce platforms to accompany them virtually and confiding in “chat buddy” to communicate and express their feelings. Prices for various degrees of companionship range from tens of yuan to the customized "virtual lover" for thousands of yuan. In recent years, virtual companionship services have become a fashionable self-healing way for young people to seek spiritual comfort and express their voices on the Internet. There are many stores on Taobao that provide this service, such as "gentle and cute little sweetheart", "overbearing dictatorial president fan", as long as you pay, you can find your favorite "buddy".

Will Humans Be Replaced by AI?

AI-generated art has experienced rapid growth in both popularity and accessibility over the past few months. With engines like DALL-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion spurring an influx of AI-generated artwork on online platforms.

Visual Perception - The Eyes of Self-Driving Cars

Autonomous cars, or self-driving cars, has gradually entered the public eye from the original black technology. According to the degree of intelligence, autonomous driving is divided into 5 levels from L1 to L5: L1 refers to assisted driving, L2 refers to partial autonomous driving, L3 refers to conditional autonomous driving, L4 refers to highly autonomous driving, and L5 refers to fully autonomous driving- a true driverless vehicle.

Open Source | New Open-Source Datasets Released in

MagicHub newly releases 500 sentences of automobile cabin command text corpus in English and Chinese respectively, covering 10+ cabin control functions in 3 domains. 2-100 semantically generalized commands and control are correlated to each of the functions.

Does Your Voice Assistant Have Enough Vocabulary?

"Hi Sir, please play Mozart's piano music", "Okay, which song do you want to play?"... Nowadays, voice assistants have entered thousands of households, and almost all of them are equipped with mobile phones, tablets or smart speakers. A voice assistant that is always on call. But how much vocabulary do these fluent voice assistants have? Does does their language learning need to start from ABC just like humans do? The answer is that they don't need to accumulate gradually, but through a library of pronunciation dictionaries, which covers all the voices that the voice assistant can recognize.

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