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When HiCar Meets CarPlay — What Enable a Performant In-Vehicle IVR System

At this year's global WWDC22 Apple Developer Conference, Apple not only announced its core processor and other technologies, but also demonstrated the newly upgraded car linkage system CarPlay. Since then, CarPlay is no longer just a simple projection of the iOS system, but now iOS can fill the entire car screen. HE Xiaopeng, chairman and CEO of XPeng, also mentioned on the social media platform Weibo, that CarPlay is a very good solution in this generation of cars, and the next-generation of smart car solutions require more comprehensive full-stack self-development and ecological construction.

Data — the Silver Bullet to Code-Switch Speech Recognition

With the development of the Internet and globalization, people's daily language communication is often mixed with other languages, such as: "我的IPAD不能下载APP了,可以陪我去APPLE store修理一下吗? (My IPAD can't download this APP, can you accompany me to the APPLE store to repair it?)” , “明天就是deadline了,我的paper还没有ready。 (Tomorrow is the deadline, my paper is not ready.)”, "老板的schedule需要调整,麻烦你check一下你得email。(The boss's schedule needs to be adjusted, please check your email.)” ...

MagicData R&D Center New Findings —Conversational datasets showed BETTER performance

  • Compared with the open source speech data - MagicData with manual annotation and expert proofreading, under the same model, the word accuracy rate is increased by 33%
  • The MagicData speech corpus has various styles, and the recording environment is closer to the real scene. It can train a more robust speech recognition model.

How Can Traditional Industries Benefit from AI Transformation

Whether it is the personalized recommendation of short videos, or the optimal route design for takeaway delivery, or the face recognition during payment, AI technology represented by algorithms has been applied in full swing in the consumer Internet industry.

Does Speech Recognition Applications Perform Better than the Human Ear?

In recent years, with the development of artificial intelligence technology, the performance of speech recognition application has been significantly improved. Many companies claim that the accuracy rate of speech recognition technology has reached more than 98%. Has the performance of speech recognition exceeded the human ear? There is something more need to be discussed before we making the final conclusion.

What Determines the "Character" of an AI Robot?

Recently, according to the ‘Washington Post’ report, Blake Lemoine, a software engineer at Google, said that Google's artificial intelligence chatbot LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) already has ‘consciousness’ and even a ‘soul’. One of the signs that distinguishes humans from other species is that people think that they are conscious, and consciousness is a choice made by human for the world. If AI really has consciousness, then human beings are possible to be taken over by AI robots some day.

Environmental Adaptation of Voice Assistants

Voice assistants have been playing a more and more important role in our life. However, sometimes a smart voice assistant indoors may become "dumb" when it is used in outdoor environment. Just like us humans, the voice assistant gets panic when it arrives in a new environment. People tend to be more nervous and cautious when communicating in a non-native environment. Humans are uncomfortable with things they are not familiar, not to mention artificial intelligence algorithms. The voice assistant need to adapt to different domain, which is called transfer learning, an important but difficult problem in speech recognition, speech synthesis, speaker recognition and other speech fields.

ISCSLP2022 Conversational Short-phrase Speaker Diarization Challenge Registration Open

On July 4, 2022, ISCSLP 2022 Conversational Short-phrase Speaker Diarization Challenge (CSSD) which is jointly sponsored by the Institute of Acoustics CAS, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Singapore A*STAR Institute of Information and Communication, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Magic Data (Beijing Aishu Smart Technology Co., Ltd.), is officially opened for registration. Groups and individuals from academia and industry are welcome to register for the competition.

Magic Data Paper is Accepted by INTERSPEECH 2022

Magic Data’s paper Open Source MagicData-RAMC: A Rich Annotated Mandarin Conversational(RAMC) Speech Dataset is accepted by INTERSPEECH 2022, the world's largest and most comprehensive conference on the science and technology of spoken language processing. Themed "Human and Humanizing Speech Technology", INTERSPEECH 2022 will take place from September 18-22 virtually and in Incheon Korea.

Fall in Love with the Virtual Humans Beside You?

Since 2020, the new crown epidemic has prevented many actors and actress from filming, but AI technology has made application of virtual human popular. In China, the most popular virtual human recently is Baidu's Du Xiaoxiao, a sweet and virtuous beauty who can sing "Every Minute, Every Day" with intelligent AI character of Gong Jun, a Chinese TV celebrity. The painting painted by Du Xiaoxiao in a few seconds have sold 170,000 RMB. Du Xiaoxiao also finished the 800 words college entrance examination composition, in one second.

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