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Dr. Qingqing Zhang: What is Conversational AI? And How to Build Code-Switching Acoustic Models?

When conversational AI meets globalization, how can we improve conversational interaction performance?

Do Virtual Humans Have Personalities

The 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference is titled "Intelligent Connected World, Unbounded Origin", focusing on core technologies of the Metaverse, such as virtual native, digital twin and spatial computing. The main venue for the opening ceremony featured a 360-degree stage designed to resemble an extended reality headset.

AI Generated Video – The Next Step in AI Creativity

When we are immersed in TikTok, Kuaishou, the world is quietly refreshing our cognition. Previously, through AI tools such as DALL-E, MidJourney and CrAIyon, ordinary users could enter simple text content and create artistic illustrations through artificial intelligence.

Tesla AI Day - The Gala of Autonomous Driving

At the Tesla AI Day event, Tesla released the first version of the Optimus robot, and the technical details of the self-driving Full Self-Driving Computer (FSD). It included the perceptual neural network Occupancy Network (grid network) of pure electric vehicles (BEV), Interactive Planning (interactive planning), Lanes Network (lane grid), and Auto Labeling (automatic labeling). Visual automatic driving technology.

Voice AI Driven Virtual Human

The metaverse world has not yet arrived. As the first batch of people in the metaverse, virtual humans have already appeared on major screens. A-SOUL, Zhi Bing, Cui Xiaopan, Xi Jiajia... These virtual people have almost become familiar friends of the Generation Z. The origin of virtual humans can be traced back to Lynn Minmay, the heroine of the classic Japanese cartoon "Macro Stronghold" in the 1980s. Lynn Minmay was the beginning of virtual idols. The animation company released records with her virtual image. Virtual humans entered the real world for the first time. From 2000 to 2016, virtual humans were still in the research stage. Since 2016, the emergence of deep learning and the metaverse has made virtual humans popular all over the world overnight.

How Far Can The Autonomous Driving Go Without a "Core"?

Since smartphones have disrupted our daily lives, autonomous driving has become another technology that has disrupted the way we travel. With the reform of the automobile industry to the new four modernizations (electricity, intelligence, networking, and sharing), the complexity of the software and algorithms used in smart cars has grown rapidly. The hardware quality requirements for processing software data and algorithms are getting higher and higher, and the core of the hardware is still the autonomous driving chip.

Why is Tesla Betting on The Humanoid Robot "Optimus"?

At Tesla's 2022 AI Day on September 30, Musk finally took the wraps off the Tesla Bot. The humanoid robot, named Optimus, can walk upright, water plants, and move metal rods.

"Optimus Prime" uses the same full self-driving system FSD (Full Self-Driving) and the same Autopilot-related neural network technology as Tesla.Through sensors and computer vision, continuous training with massive data, dynamic perception of the surrounding world, making better decisions.

The Growing Benefits of Text Recognition OCR

In the second China International Consumer Goods Fair held in Shanghai, many companies hold new product launches, and iFLYTEK's smart voice recorder is one of the most eye-catching products. It can not only support high-quality recording and efficient text transcription, but also recognize 10 languages and 12 dialects. The recognition rate of Chinese online transcription is as high as 98%, and offline transcription is also supported. What is even more surprising is that the voice recorder is equipped with a text recognition OCR (Optical Character Recognition) camera. After shooting the desired content through the camera, the image can be freely cropped to help improve the accuracy of recognition. This voice recorder uses text recognition technology to further increase the distance with consumers. In recent years, text recognition has become a ubiquitous convenience helper.

How Big is the Self-Driving Car Potential?

At the main forum of the 2022 World Intelligent Connected Vehicle Conference held in mid-September, Mercedes-Benz stated that it is communicating with relevant Chinese departments and plans to carry out L3-level conditional autonomous driving test projects in three regions of China, and based on this, it has gradually expanded to the entire Chinese market.

How to Ensure AI Data Security?

In the recently held 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, the WAIC 2022 Data Element Circulation Technology Frontier Exploration Forum was one of the major theme forums of the conference. With the theme of "Open Symbiosis, Integration of Data and Reality", the forum focused on the important economic and strategic value of data as a key production factor driving economic and social innovation and development, as well as the corresponding security threats and privacy challenges.

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