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Magic Data Tech Was Qualified as “Top Specialized, Fine, Distinctive and Innovative Company” by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology

Recently, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology officially released the list of “First Group of the Top Specialized, Fine, Special and Innovative company”. Magic Data Tech was named in the list for its professional and innovative services in the field of AI data services.

Good News! Magic Data Tech Wins “Best Supplier of Alibaba Cloud 2021”

We are proud to announce Magic Data Tech has been named the “Best Supplier of Alibaba Cloud 2021”.

Magic Data Tech Won Intel AI 100 Acceleration Program: Supporting AI Industry from the Basics

On May 20, 2021, Intel published the 5th issue of its AI 100 Acceleration Program list at the 2021 Shenzhen (International) Artificial Intelligence Exhibition, and Magic Data Tech was selected for the program by relying on its strong innovation strength.

New Arrival in MagicHub! Get Hundreds of Hours of Datasets for Free!

Nowadays, a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is rising, which promote the rapid evolution of digital technology represented by artificial intelligence, and human beings are marching into an intelligent society. According to the White Paper on the Core Technology Industry of Artificial Intelligence, released by the China Academy of Information and Communications in April this year, AI has fully covered the basic elements of social operation and improved overall operating efficiency. In the future, AI will be as ubiquitous as water and electricity, disrupting and transforming every industry.

New Update on MagicHub—Get Free Datasets for In-Vehicle Scene!

Recently, nearly one thousand car companies attended the Shanghai Auto Show, where electrification and intelligentization were the standard equipment for many car companies. The intelligent functions of cars, such as intelligent cabins, self-driving and cloud service, depict the future of intelligent cars.


Recently, the third CIO Summit of the Bank of China (BOC) was held in Shanghai in 2021, bringing together executives and CIOs from the financial, technological and Internet sectors to discuss and share with them on the theme of "Banking Era 4.0: Go all in on Digital Transformation", so as to share ideas on the way of the digital transformation of banking.

Open-source Data Community MagicHub Officially Launched!

In 1969, Unix released source code on Unix Community, initiating the first “open-source act” in human history.

Big News! Magic Data Tech Raised Tens of Millions in Series B Funding Round

Earlier this year, Magic Data Tech completed its Series B funding round with tens of millions of RMB. With this financing, Magic Data Tech, a global provider for AI datasets, will extend both in terms of business and scale, and provide better voice data packages and services to the AI market.

Magic Data受邀参加FiNEXT峰会 语音数据产品赋能保险数字化未来

Magic Data作为专业的AI数据产品企业受邀参加FiNEXT: Digital保险科技数字化峰会,现场展位引发嘉宾关注和咨询。

Live preview | Main developer and maintainer of Kaldi: Daniel Povey is invited to participate in the INTERSPEECH2020 Magic Data live session and will interact with the audience online

At the INTERSPEECH2020 industrial forum, Magic Data as the platinum sponsor of the conference, will hold a live session at the virtual booth from 20:15 - 20:45 on Oct 28th. The live broadcast theme is: “Data sets your model --Which data strategy should be adopted to achieve better performance?”

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