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Moving Toward the Globe | Magic Data Builds Partnership with AWS, Empowering AI Data Processing

Recently, Magic Data officially become one of AWS’s ISV partners after Annotator® 5.0, an AI-assisted data labeling platform passing the ASW foundation technology Review (FTR).

Data Security and Compliance in Deploying AI — Magic Data’s Data Security Commitment

The importance of data security has been increasingly realized, no matter it is in national or personal level. Always putting data security at the first priority, Magic Data designs and applies a strict data protection mechanism so as to provide sufficient trusted AI training data for the industry.

How to Improve Multilingual Speech Recognition Performance? In View of Acoustic Modeling

The code-mixing phenomenon brings much challenges to the automatic speech recognition system development. How to develop a reliable multilingual speech recognition system have become a heated topic within the industry.

What is Conversational AI? And the challenge

The demand for a quick, intelligent and natural-sounding conversation between human and machine is increasing.

Massive High-Quality AI Training Data Makes HMI More Intelligent, More Humanized and More Personalized

The 3rd China Automotive Intelligent Summit 2021, took place on 27-28, Sept. 2021, Shanghai, gathers about 120 experts and executives from the automotive industry to focus on the networked technology, software development, hardware innovation, business model and user insight of intelligent cockpit, and provide an in-depth comprehensive analysis of the opportunities and challenges of intelligent cockpit development.

Annotator® 5.0 Data Labeling Platform Empowers the AI Industry in Data Labeling

As AI research and development is moving forward both in depth and breadth, the needs for structured data grow explosively. Meanwhile, the data labeling industry is undergoing decentralization: production of structured data is shifting from large-scale third party data processing centers to scattered data end-users.

Magic Data Tech Joins INTERSPEECH 2021 | "Annotator® 5.0 SaaS Free Version” Unleashes the Potential of Data Labeling

The annual INTERSPEECH, held between August 30, and September 3, 2021, is a global conference organized by International Speech Communication Association (ISCA). The INTERSPEECH 2021 is held in hybrid form, that is participants can join the conference virtually online and physically in Brno, The Czech Republic.

Magic Data Tech announced Launch of Annotator® 5.0, An AI-Assisted Data Annotation Platform

Annotator® 5.0, an independently developed data annotation system, was official launched by Magic Data Tech on July 8, 2021 on World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) 2021, which is a global gathering and exchange of AI innovation ideas, technologies, and applications, held on Shanghai between July 7 and July 10.

Worthy of Bookmarking! | 20 Websites to get Free Datasets for Your AI Model Training

Collecting and sorting out data have always been a time-consuming and tedious procedure for AI developers and researchers. Here we list 20 sites where high-quality data is ready and free, in hope of assisting you to locate the proper dataset for your AI modal in a better way.

New Updates on – Free to Download Datasets for over 190 Hours!

A batch of datasets for conversational AI were newly release on, our open-source community. Let’s have a quick look.

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