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Magic Data Tech announced Launch of Annotator® 5.0, An AI-Assisted Data Annotation Platform

Date : 2021-07-19     View : 797

Annotator® 5.0, an independently developed data annotation system, was official launched by Magic Data Tech on July 8, 2021 on World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) 2021, which is a global gathering and exchange of AI innovation ideas, technologies, and applications, held on Shanghai between July 7 and July 10.

Along with the rise of artificial intelligence, demand of high-quality AI data grows day by day. According to iResearch Inc., a Chinese consultancy, the Chinese market size of AI data services is estimated to reach 10 billion RMB by 2025, with an average annualized rate of 21.8%.

Optimally positioned to meet with this trend and better accommodating the changing markets, Magic Data Tech, a leading AI data services provider, independently develops an intelligent data annotation platform – Annotator® 5.0.

Features of Annotator® 5.0 include:

· Multi-model annotation – different type of data like voice and image can be annotated simultaneously;

· Use-defined work process – annotation tasks can be flexibly separated and assigned;

· Visualization management – Visualization of whole annotation processes are applicable;

· AI-assistant – Built-in AI model assists data annotation and quality control.

Commenting, Dr. Qingqing Zhang, CEO of Magic Data Tech, said: “The importance of data has been well noted in the AI industry but the processes of getting high-quality data have always been time-consuming. With Annotator® 5.0’s assistance in improving data annotation efficiency, we want more companies and individuals will be freed up to spend more time on other AI related subjects like model design.”

Two versions of Annotator® 5.0 - a SaaS version for free use and another version for privatization deployment - are projected to go online by Q3-2021.

After the launch event, Magic Data Tech officially announced founding of an AI data league, which is found in the hope of accelerating AI development by the force of open spirit.

In addition, Magic Data Tech also participated three forums during the conference, including a forum with theme of “UGV promotes city digitalization”, where Dr. Yanming JIA, CTO of Magic Data Tech, delivered a speech on “New Experience in Smart Cab Empowered by Data”.

In another forum organized by EqualOcean, a technology innovation and investment research platform, Dr. Qingqing ZHANG gave a keynote speech on “Conversational Data promotes AI Commercialization”.

Last but not least,, an open-source community launched by Magic Data Tech, joined Baiyulan Open AI Partnership in a forum organized by Baiyulan Open AI, an AI research institute based in Shanghai, dedicated to promote and broadcast open-source initiatives.

Another good new deserves celebration is that Magic Data Tech is selected into a book of case study of innovation practice and commercialization of AI, published by Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press.

Promoting and assisting AI development, we are together! And we hope to see you there again in WAIC 2022!

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