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Annotator® 5.0 Data Labeling Platform Empowers the AI Industry in Data Labeling

Date : 2021-09-03     View : 1601

The 2021 China International Fair for Trade in Services, aiming at promoting deep industrial integration and booming development of service economy, was kick off in Beijing, September 2, 2021. In the China Intelligent Industry Forum, Dr. Qingqing ZHANG, CEO of Magic Data Tech, gave a presentation on the company’s new product — Annotator® 5.0 Data Labeling Platform Privatization Deployment Version, which was launched on September 1, 2021.

As AI research and development is moving forward both in depth and breadth, the needs for structured data grow explosively. Meanwhile, the data labeling industry is undergoing decentralization: production of structured data is shifting from large-scale third party data processing centers to scattered data end-users.

These lead to a set of professional and effective data labeling tool is in urgent demand to process the large volume of data generated in companies and research institutes’ daily operation, especially in some vertical and highly professional fields.

Designed as “Office for AI” and officially launched in September 1, 2021, Annotator® 5.0 Data Labeling Platform Privatization Deployment Version is dedicated to becoming the first choice for AI developers and data scientists, assisting companies and research institutes in lowering cost and improving efficiency.

Key features of Annotator® 5.0 Privatization Deployment Version include:

  1. Multi-modal labeling: support simultaneous multi-modal labeling of video and audio.
  2. Visual management: diversiform visualization interfaces can improve the efficiency of project control, staff management, data management.
  3. AI-assisted annotation: pre-treatment of the pre-identification AI module is supported and can be synchronized to the annotation process, which greatly improves the production efficiency of annotation.
  4. Customizable project management: industrialized working process of data annotation – labeling, quality control, (remote) acceptance – can be separated on demand, which enables realization of collaborative annotation and quality control.

As a professional and efficient data labeling tool, Annotator® 5.0 is ready to unleash the potential of data labeling and empowers AI research and development in field of smart customer service, computer-human interaction, social networking service, industrial examination, smart education, among others.

A SaaS version of Annotator® 5.0 is available for free use by visiting

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