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The New Celebrity: Virtual Human

Date : 2022-09-09     View : 813

Since the epidemic in 2020, the most popular is not a popular star, but a "virtual human". From the Japanese fashionista IMMA, the domestic AYAYI, the virtual singer Getong, to the dimensional virtual person A-SOUL combination, to CCTV's virtual person Xiao C and the live-action virtual people Teresa Teng and Gong Jun... They are from the fashion industry, From the singing and dancing world, the dimension world to reporters, actors and other industries, there are many fans who shine.

Research data shows that the current virtual digital human market has exceeded 200 billion yuan, and it is expected to reach 270 billion yuan in 2030. Among them, identity-based virtual people represented by virtual anchors, star virtual avatars, and brand spokespersons will occupy a dominant position in the future, with a volume of up to 175 billion yuan. These various virtual people can talk and dance, bring goods and live news. How is their body language formed? - That's motion capture.

Motion Capture

Motion capture refers to setting trackers at key parts of moving objects, capturing the position of the trackers by the Motion Capture system, and then processing the data by computer to obtain three-dimensional coordinate data. When the data is recognized by the computer, it can be applied in various fields such as animation production, gait analysis, biomechanics, ergonomics and so on. Motion Capture can track various types of motion, such as body movements and facial expressions. Motion capture technology is now widely used in film, animation and game production.

Ways of Motion Capture

The first is optical motion capture. Optical motion capture technology is to mark on the human body, and the marked points will be reflected to the pre-installed cameras. By reflecting the imaging information of different positions, the spatial motion information of the marked points can be measured. The common optical motion capture is mostly based on computer. visual principles. The capture range of optical motion capture devices is limited by the number of cameras and is easily affected by the environment. Therefore, optical motion capture is suitable for capturing in specific studios or fixed scenes.

The second is inertial capture. Inertial motion capture technology is to wear a sensor chip or gyroscope on the body of the person. During the process of the person's movement, the gyroscope will rotate or the chip will record the movement trajectory. By sensing the rotation information of the gyroscope or the record information of the chip, it is calculated to calculate the person. The action behavior implements motion capture. In terms of capture accuracy, optical motion capture is slightly more accurate. For example, facial expression recognition generally uses optical motion capture, while body motion capture generally uses inertial capture. Optical motion capture can recognize limbs and capture facial expressions, but inertial capture is less affected by the environment.

The motion capture method is inseparable from the motion capture actor. The original motion capture actor is the person who uses the motion capture technology to provide performances in movies and games. Similar also includes facial and expression capture. In the field of film production and game development, by recording the movements of human actors and converting them into 3D digital models, some virtual characters that cannot be achieved by normal modeling techniques or are not available in real life can be obtained. Nowadays, many virtual human actions are also completed in advance by motion capture actors, and the computer is then coherently combined on the virtual image, so that we can see that the virtual human interacts with our body movements so smoothly.

Development Trend

With the advent of the metaverse, motion capture, as a necessary skill for virtual humans, will be more and more widely used. Some theatres have begun to adopt innovative technologies that were originally used as a means of dealing with stagecraft and are now part of the performance process. More recently the concept of "digital theatre" has been used, defining the coexistence of "live" performers and digital media in the same complete space with a co-present audience. In the future, demand creates technology, and technology leads us forward.


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